I said "No" to The Voice, twice.

Back in 2013 I got a message from one of the casting’s manager for The Voice, and he said:

“I like what you do, come and audition for us”. I did and went well but I didn’t feel ready. That was my first “No”. 2 years later I had worked like nuts. My vocal technique was there. I thought I had done the toughest part, but what came up next was a real shock! The thing they don’t tell you when you watch the show is that there’s a contract. I’m not talking about a standard television contract, I’m talking about a record deal…

So this is what happens, they make you sign a contract that is gonna rule the next 15 years of your career before you do the show. In that contract they only talk about business never about art. You don’t know with whom you’re gonna work. You don’t know if they are gonna understand what you are trying to create. If for some reason it doesn’t work out with them, you’re done. In the music industry you don’t get second chances.

I want to keep it real. I want my art to be true. Yes I do want to make some money like everyone else, but that is not the reason why I wake up everyday. It took me a while to get here and understand what I really wanted to do. But now I’m ready! In a way I have to thank them. Cause not signing with them, that’s what got me out here. Disappointed I decided to take my amp and my guitar, and do my own The Voice in the streets. See if people stop, if they turn around…

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